Extras  - Scott Westerfeld

Extras by Scott Westerfield is a great addition to the Uglies trilogy. Aya Fuse, an Ugly 15 year old wants to be famous. she is an Extra, a person with a low face rank. The higher your face rank, the more popular and famous you are. One day, Aya, when surfing with the Sly Girls, finds a tunnel filled with large metal cylinders. She reports this find to her tech genius brothers, who say, if the cylinders are launched into space, when they come down, they can destroy whole cities. Aya is excited, this may finally be her chance to tell the world and be famous! But things are not as they seem. When she and a group of friends go and try to investigate more, they find aliens! Aya finds out the truth about the cylinders, but it may not be what she thought it was. A great book! ⭐⭐⭐⭐