Crossed  - Ally Condie

I started this book last summer, when I got to page 50, I was so bored, that I stopped reading it. This summer, I picked it up again, wanting to just finally finish the series. I actually got through the book this time. But, there are words to describe Crossed: Boring Plot, and Gorgeous Sentences!!!!!!!!


How was it boring? Well, I felt the book was too long and dragged on. There was way too many words. Also, there was really no action or any real danger for Ky and Cassia in the book. They could have been caught by the Society, and bad things could have happened to them, but the author didn't describe and make it suspenseful enough to have me convinced they were in real danger. The pilot was quite simple, I could have guessed that Cassia would still be trying to choose over Xander and Ky. There weren't many twists in the book, well, actually there is one twist, but I wish there were more. The story was basically flat.


On the bright side, the reason I kept reading was because of Ally Condie's writing style! Many sentences were very poetic and sounded good! 


" A pattern of frost blooms along the cement wall. It looks, I imagine, as if someone painted stars and flowers at exactly the right time; a momentary capture of beauty that will too soon vanish."


That sounds amazing!!!!!! Also, I kept on reading because I wanted to finish the series. The reason I gave this a 3 out of 5 stars was that the plot and story were boring and uncreative,  but the writing style and technique were gorgeous!!!!