Taken - Erin Bowman

This was a good read, not an amazing fantastic read. I felt that this book wasn't detailed and descriptive enough. I couldn't relate to the characters, but overall it was a nice book. The plot was a little creative, but boring at the same time. When I read it, it sorta feels nice, some parts of the book flowed, while some parts were a little rough. In the end the story gets on and gets more dramatic. There was a real sense of danger and death for the characters. 


This book is about a boy named Gray Weathersby. His town/village, named Claysoot, is surrounded on all sides by walls. With no modern technology, the villagers had to develop a rural life. When boys in the village turn 18, they get Heisted or snatched. No one where the boys go to, they just disappear in the night, and don't come back. Some people say they are dead, but some say there are more outside the walls. Gray's brother Blaine, turns 18 and gets Heisted. Gray decides to go over the wall to find some answers, but every person who climbs the wall and goes over, their body turns up the next day, all burnt. Gray learns about everything and everyone when he goes over the wall, and realizes his world may not be so simple.