The Ward

The Ward - Jordana Frankel

*Sigh* This book was very, very disappointing, it was very confusing. I thought it would be an awesome book, with tons of action and drama. This wasn't the point with The Ward. The story wasn't anything special, there's a plague in the place called the Ward. Ren a 16 year old girl, finds that her friend is sick with the plague. In the Ward, freshwater is very limited and rare, people depend on rainwater to live. Ren is assigned a mission to find more freshwater, and that's what she finds, freshwater. But, the freshwater is actually a "fountain of youth", it heals people with the plague and keeps you immortal. Then, people who guard the fountain are angry, and there's a fight, and so on. The plot was actually okay, what I'm bothered with is the way the story was written. There are some scenes where it's so complicated, I thought the author was describing things too much. A confusing strand of words. Sure, it had action, but jumbled up action that I couldn't understand. A huge disappointment. 2.5 stars