The Warp

The Reluctant Assassin - Eoin Colfer

This book was really boring. That's the first word I can say, BORING. Why was it boring?Well, The Warp was not descriptive at all. You know how when you write, you should "show, not tell" your story? Well, Eoin Colfer does a good job of completely failing that standard. The author basically tells you a bunch of things, and doesn't describe everything. The story didn't flow.


Character Development was very low, I basically know nothing about Riley and Chevron's past life and personality. Yes, I get that Chevron is tough, but that's all. And Garrick, he may be the bad guy, but how bad can he be? The author didn't give enough descriptions of how evil Garrick was.


The story also talks a lot about quantum theory, but doesn't tell what it actually is!!! It says quantum theory makes the time machine work, but how???? People who don't know a lot about it shouldn't have to google it or something, the author should just say it. I get that it might be too complicated or something, but this book is for Young Adults, they should at least know what the author taking about!!!


I gave this book a 2 stars because I at least finished the book. I will not be finishing the series.