Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

I have mixed feelings about this book. The plot was average, and the characters were too. But, the writing, it sounded like poetry. After a while you get bored of all the flowing words and the thoughts of Juliette. What I didn't like was the book was too simple, plot wise and action wise. 


Juliette is a special girl who has the power to kill people with a touch of her hand. She finds herself locked up in a mental institute. After a year of solitary confinement, she gets released and goes to the hands of the Reestablishment. The Reestablishment, is group of people who say they are trying to save the world from starvation and poverty, but instead are controlling and ruling the country. Warner, the son of the leader of the Reestablishment, wants to use Juliette to his advantage. Warner tries to get Juliette to love him, but Juliette falls for another boy, Adam. Adam is a soldier in the Reestablishment, a soldier for Warner.

Spoiler: Juliette and Adam escape and goes to the enemy of the Reestablishment, the Omega Point. At Omega Point, they find people who have powered like Juliette, and so on. What I didn't like was that this book goes from being a romance story, to a story with supernatural powers. The main idea for 3/4 of the book was how Juliette loved Adam so much. But near the end, Omega Point comes in and reveals there are more people with powers. Ugh. This book was way too predictable and stuff. Now I'm guessing the next book will be how Omega Point goes against the Reestablishment, and Omega Point uses their powers, and the Reestablishment will use guns and soldiers.


I do like how in the beginning, Juliette's thoughts aren't that solid, and she repeats words and crosses out a lot of them. In the end, her thoughts are more solid and there aren't a lot of crossing outs. I do like that Juliette has the power to kill, it makes the book more interesting. Why I gave this book a 3.5 was it was an average YA book, it wasn't too bad.