Anna Dressed In Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake

WOW!!! This book was really dramatic, suspenseful, and action filled!!


Cas is a ghost hunter. He finds ghosts who hurt people, and kills them. Ever since his father, a ghost hunter, died, Cas has kept up his fathers work at killing ghosts. Then, he hears about Anna, Anna dressed in blood. People say when she was murdered, her dress got blood on it, and that's why she's called Anna dressed in blood. When Cas goes to kill her, he finds that she is a special ghost, a very powerful one. Cas and his friends must try to find out why Anna is so strong, if they ever hope to kill her.


What I didn't like was the swearing, seriously, the book didn't really need that. I do feel the  book was too long. I mean, there was too many major things said. It would have better to make it into two books, maybe. Otherwise, the story was good, it was creepy. Also, I really like the cover, it totally explains the book!!!!!!