Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone (Grisha Trilogy) - Leigh Bardugo

A great read, Shadow And Bone is full with action and drama. There was also a huge twist that was a bit surprising.


Alina is an ordinary mapmaker in the army. When she reveals that she has a special and strong power, she immediately gets sent to the Grisha, the king's special group. The Grisha are a powerful and wealthy group of people who have powers, some have the ability to control fire, or air. Alina becomes close friends with the Darkling, the second most powerful person in the kingdom, other than the King. Alina finds out about what the Darkling is hiding, and she tries to stop hm, before it is too late.


What I didn't like about the story was it was a bit predictable. The story wasnt that original. I feel a lot of books have "powers" in them, like supernatural abilities. Shadow and Bone had a medieval kind of feel in it. But, the writing was smooth and eloquent, and overalI, I really liked the book. I am definitely finishing the series!!