Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1) - Veronica Rossi

I was disappointed after reading this book. I thought it would be more interesting and suspenseful. The story was really quite average, I felt the writing was average and a bit boring at times. It just wasn't amazing enough. 


Aria is stranded outside of her dome. The domes protect them from Aether storms, which are huge electrical storms. Aria is sent outside because she was involved in a fire accident with an official's son. The official, sent Aria outside because he didn't believe his son caused the fire accident. Then, Aria gets help from an Outsider named Perry. Perry helps Aria get to her mother's dome. They fall in love along the journey, and so on. So basically the story was about Perry helping Aria get to Aria's mother's dome. Aria didn't live with her mother, so she wants to find out if her mother is okay and so on. 


I felt the romance kinda took over the story. The story was just average. It wasn't a terrible book. But, I will finish the series just to see what happens.