Restoring Harmony

Restoring Harmony - Joelle Anthony

Restoring Harmony was a simple, nice read. It was a dystopian novel with no love triangles, which is good, since nowadays every dystopia book has love triangles and everything. The story was... Simple. Don't get me wrong, this was a great and different read unlike other best sellers today. It was different because lots of other dystopias have the main character saving and making everything bad in the world good again.


In restoring Harmony, the main character, Molly, is living in Canada. But, when something bad happens to her grandparents living in the States, she goes down and tries to bring them back to her family's small farm in Canada. Along the way, she makes new friends and discovers that things in the States are very unlike her small rustic farm. I know this doesn't sound like a dystopia, but the main point of the novel wasn't about how bad everything is, like how the government took hold of all the oil in the world, (highly unlikely) that non-organic beef wasn't safe to eat anymore, and that most people don't have money for electricity. So, it's only about Molly's journey to help her grandparents, she doesn't stop the electricity crisis or whatever. 


Why I gave this book a 3 stars is the writing was okay, it was boring but readable at sometimes. Restoring Harmony was good, it had twists, and I was a little surprised. This wasn't a dramatic book. The romance didn't feel real to me, and there wasn't much detail on how the US gotten that bad. I would reccomend this book to those who want to read something simple today.