30 Day Reading Challenge Day 5: A Book That Makes You Happy

Legend  - Marie Lu

I chose Legend, because it was well written, and just simply fantastic!


The plot was pretty simple, this book takes place in a future America. Day is a wanted fugitive because he blows up government battle jets, and make things go kaboom. He's your typical rebellion guy, who lives in a poor sector and does everything he can to survive. June is a military soldier/spy who is a child prodigy because she got a perfect score on the Trial, a series of test that determine where your job is. Now, her latest mission is to find Day, and capture him. But, she finds put things are not really what they seem like, and that Day is not who he seems.


First of all, the author is a genius, making the book in June's POV and Day's POV too. We can really explore the character and what they think. The author's writing flows magnificently, and is very detailed. I actually like the characters, the story really makes you feel connected. Character development was amazing, and so on. This book is that hidden treasure that once you read, you have to continue on with the rest of the series!!!!! A definite 5 stars!!! One of my favorite books!