30 Day Reading Challenge Day 6: A Book That Makes You Sad

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare A Summer to Die - Lois Lowry, Jenni Oliver

I know I probably mentioned this book in the past, but this is undeniably the saddest, most crying involving book I've ever read. This book made me cry the most, and I'm not a big cryer when it comes to books. In fact, I can only remember 3 books that's made me want to cry. This book was very emotional to me because I felt connected to the characters!! Something very sad happens in the middle/end. Also, the epilogue was sad, i wont tell you any spoilers, but, it involves lots of heartbreak and depressed thoughts!


My second book, A Summer To Die is very depressing. I hope you can tell that from the title!!!!!! It's about this girl, Meg, and her sister has leukemia. Meg deals with her sister's illness and it talks about how her life changes. Very deep and devastating.