Cress - Marissa Meyer

I know that I had read this a while back, but, I haven't had time to review it. So, Cress was a good book. I didn't love this series as other people had. I thought it was just...great, but not absolutely amazing. One thing with the book Cress was the characters. I didn't love and connect with the character so much, there's just so much peole involved! I dont really like books with a lot of characters, except in Heroes of Olympus, where I fell in love with all their personalities. The characters in this series all act the same, even though one is a human, a cyborg, and a lunar. I didn't find much difference between all of them. Sure, there was a little difference, Cress was a little girl who had not that much confidence, and Cinder was brave and stuff. The main story was also a little repetitve, Cinder spends so much time planning, and not even fighting Levana yet. This book was also a little too long for my taste. Any way, I still enjoyed this book regardless!!