Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! I love Katy, the main character, I love Daemon, the other main character, I love the story, I love the supernatural stuff, I just liked everything about this book. The main character, Katy, is hilarious, and witty. This book only took me two days to read on my kindle. The beginning was great, but kinda slow. The finding out stuff happens in the middle, but the wait was worth it. 


So, it's about this girl, Katy, who moves into town. She finds out that some of the inhabitants aren't "what they really seem", and falls in love with this hot dude who isn't "what he really seems", and yeah. I can tell you that she finds out about him and his race, which is kinda obvious. What I really liked was the witty and clever remarks between Katy and Daemon. Daemon was being a jerk to Katy, so Katy was a jerk back. Anyway, the story was really interesting as well. Creative, and smooth. This book was perfect, which is why I gave it 5 stars, duh. Though I necessarily don't have anything with common with Katy and her personality!